April began to sew when she was 19 years old and immediately loved it! She learned to follow dress patterns to make her high school graduation dress and clothes for friends but wanted to learn more.

Aged just 20, April walked into one of the two tailoring businesses in downtown Wallaceburg, Ontario, and asked if they needed help.  By sheer chance, the owner wanted to retire and had no one to hand the business too. April was his full-time apprentice for the next 9 months and then bought the shop with money that was lent to her by her grandfather, at the age of just 21.

After 10 years of shop ownership, April decided to work for other businesses that required sewers including;

  • 9 years part-time at a drapery shop
  • 2 years at a shop that made custom formal wear from scratch
  • Professional sewing and fitting for two bridal shops
  • An alterations and repairs chain store

This adds up to over 30 years of professional, hands-on experience in the clothing alterations and repairs trade.