Alteration and Repairs

Bridal Alterations

Every bride was once a ​girl who dreamt of something not less than perfect when she thought about her wedding day. Her imagination starts with a wedding dress and ends with ​finding the “PERFECT” wedding dress.

The wedding dress is as perfect as it fits you. Finding your dream dress is a hustle but making it a perfect fit is a grind. 

The custom fit which includes the specific measurements will likely look far more gorgeous on you than the expensive one. One of the major reasons is that designers follows standard size measurements and in order to fit these expensive dresses your bust, waist and hip measurement should closely match the chart sizes followed by the respected designer. 

Now that you have found the dress, it is time to make it ‘your dress‘! A custom fit gown will make you feel as beautiful as you have imagined. Though you are already beautiful, the gown is just the icing on the cake!

Let’s understand your wedding dress alteration together because You name it, We do it.   

Garment Alteration and Repairs

Various kind of clothing have different fitting and sometimes we loose or gain weight, sometime the clothes shrink or are too big for us or your favourite dress/top has a slight tear which needs repair, we help you overcome all type of clothing related issues just to make you great on everyday of the week. From alterations to repairing them we provide all the services. You name it, We do it.

It has always been really important to me to support local smaller business’ and that is why I choose to work with April for my wedding dress. She was so caring and precise and as a bride this is exactly what you need! My dress had some “odd” alterations and she was very honest and willing to work with me on all the details. I was so very happy with the final product and would recommend 100% – Thank you!

— Melissa McGarvey

April is so great to work with! My wedding dress needed multiple layers to be hemmed, had to be brought in a size or two, needed a belt sewn on, along with a few other things. April had it all done and ready to go a month before the wedding, and was very flexible on when I could pick it up. It fit perfectly and looked incredible!

— Patsy Jauniaux